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Oxford abroad? The University is considering opening campuses abroad to continue receiving EU benefits

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Oxford University is considering opening its first foreign campus in response to the UK leaving the European Union. This would break the university’s 700 year tradition as it has never opened a foreign branch. The former director of the French ministry for education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, confirmed French authorities were working … Read More

Students who default on their loans should be arrested, claims Think Tank

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The Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) has suggested that students, and in particular those who come from the EU to study in Britain, should be arrested and prosecuted if they don’t pay back their student loans. If an overseas student goes back to their home country after graduation, or if … Read More

Leeds University seeks Brexit clarification

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The University of Leeds has issued a statement to The Gryphon seeking to reassure students in the wake of a Brexit vote which continues to be mired in uncertainty. In a week when #WeAreInternational banners litter campus to welcome international students to their studies, a spokesperson for the University reiterated … Read More

A Language Assistantship Abroad…

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Every year the British Council send over two thousand undergraduates and postgraduates abroad to teach English as a foreign language, in a programme which spans four continents and fourteen countries. The Gryphon explores the challenges and rewards of undertaking an assistantship abroad. The English Language Assistants programme began in 1905 … Read More