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Tell Me More: Helping Societies Do More

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Speaking with LUU’s Activities Officer, Lauren Huxley, Susy Goldstone discusses the Union’s programme for making inclusive societies a reality. Inclusivity. Accessibility. We all like to think that we implement these words within our societies, but do LUU societies actually go far enough in ensuring that everyone, regardless of their individual needs, is included? LUU … Read More

EXCLUSIVE: Union’s Inept Approach to Costing Mars Election Results

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Through joint research by The Gryphon and LSR, it has become clear that the union has failed to uphold their own rules in the recent Exec elections. In our role in holding the union to account, we have come across clear failings in the rules that dictate candidate spending. Firstly, … Read More

Leeds University Union Women’s Hockey Club Punished For ‘Chav Party’

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Leeds University Union Women’s Hockey Club (LUUWHC) has been banned from taking part in certain competitions following an “ill-judged” chav-themed night in January. LUUWHC faced national criticism following the social, where members were invited to dress “lower class” and set aside their “champagne flutes” for “cans of K cider”. Pictures … Read More

Exec-tly What We Need

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The Student Exec are elected every year to represent your views and improve your student experience Jack Palmer – Union Affairs What is your role? My role is to chair our Board of Trustees and ensure that our money is being well spent in our building and services. I also work … Read More

LUU LEADERSHIP RACE: Sober spaces and sober socials

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Talya is running for Activities Officer, here are her views on what LUU can do to accommodate those who aren’t big on drinking. Here at Leeds, students love a good night out. Working in Terrace I’ve seen just how big the turn out to Otley Runs and nights like Fruity are. … Read More

LUU Leadership Race: Societies just wanna have funds!

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Rianna Julian is running for Activities Officer, here are her views on LUU’s fundraising troubles. Money most certainly does not grow on trees, but it also shouldn’t turn in to a Whomping Willow of a task for smaller societies to be able to access funds for all of their needs. … Read More

LUU LEADERSHIP RACE: our activities are pointless unless they include us all!

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Hannah Ryder is running for Activities Officer, here are her views on inclusivity. LUU is unequivocally a diverse union and with hundreds of societies you would think there was nothing better. We prove that Leeds stands up for the matters that are important; with our first ever woman-centred LGBTQ+ club … Read More

Meet your new student exec

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Jack Palmer Union Affairs Which of your initiatives are you most excited about? Student engagement – that’s what I ran on and it’s still what I’m most excited about. I think when I ran, only 46% of students knew what the forums were and that’s not good enough. I want … Read More

What’s on in Society this weekend?

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Society: What’s on this weekend? October 2nd This Girl Can – Women in Sport: A fun interactive sports session that will look at how the ‘This Girl Can’ campaign is impacting the student lifestyle. Participants will reflect on their personal motivation to get involved with sport, while also considering barriers … Read More

News | LS holds the Exec to account

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LS questions the Exec on what they have and haven’t achieved this year. Alice Smart Education Officer Do you think lecture podcasts affects attendance?  There was the odd lecturer making these claims. They’re there because everyone learns in different ways, and not everyone learns best reading through lecture notes, it … Read More