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Film | Is Fox Right to Make ‘Deadpool’ PG-13?

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Image: Marvel Studios For years, certain Marvel fans have been clamouring for a movie based on the character of Deadpool; a wisecracking, fourth-wall-aware, ultraviolent assassin. The idea for this project had been floating around since 2004, so when it was announced that Ryan Reynolds would be playing the cult-favourite character … Read More

TV | Game of Thrones, Two Swords – A thrilling sign of things to come

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Warning: contains spoilers for seasons 1-3, and for season 4, episode 1 of Game of Thrones. Two Swords begins with a cracking bit of symbolism as Tywin Lannister melts down the Starks’ ancestral blade and throws the wolf-skin scabbard into a fire. It’s a neat reminder of last season’s events, and … Read More

Books |An astronaut’s guide to life on earth

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It’s not often that you get an insight into a job so far removed from everyday life that it literally happens off planet. Chris Hadfield is a man who has done it all – alongside commanding the International Space Station, he’s flown fighter jets, recorded music videos and been the … Read More

Books | A song for the dying – As close to a perfect crime novel as you can get

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When a book has a name like ‘A Song for the Dying’, it shouldn’t be hard to guess what it’s about: gruff detectives, gruesome murders and gallons of blood. In his new book for 2014, Stuart MacBride delivers these in spades. Eight years ago, Ash Henderson failed to catch ‘the … Read More

Books | The Black Box – Far cry from a typical crime novel

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There’s often something of a stigma attached to the detective genre, especially in regards to those series in which a new story is pumped out nearly every year, and in its 20th year and 18th instalment, Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch series could easily fall victim to this. However, as one … Read More

Books | Cheat's Guide to House of Leaves

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This week: Dangerously self-referential post-modern confusion from Mark Z. Danielewski. Abandon hope all ye who enter here. Who? Will Navidson: A photojournalist. Moves into a new house with his family and films everything. Things start to get a bit weird. Zampano: A blind academic. He wrote a thesis on The … Read More

Videogames | Wasteland 2 Beta – The end of the world, as we'll know it

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It’s been 25 long years since the first Wasteland was released, and in that time it’s inspired a plethora of post-apocalyptic games. But it’s taken until 2013 for InXile Entertainment to develop a sequel, and as of right now they’re just about done. The question is: can Wasteland 2 live … Read More

Lifestyle | Tips for a keeping warm this winter, just in time for the arrival of the arctic wind

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Leeds has never been known for it’s good weather, and with the dark months of winter drawing fast upon us, things are about to get even colder. What’s more, by this point in the year your meagre student budget is probably looking a bit sparse and heating houses can be … Read More

Film | Escape Plan – Arnie in his prime

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Image: Summit Entertainment/Lionsgate If you’ve been in two minds about whether or not you want to go and see Escape Plan, allow me to conduct a simple test: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone break out of a maximum-security prison together. Did that sentence immediately fill you with glee? If not, then Escape Plan isn’t for you. … Read More

Books | Cheat's Guide – 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

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So many books to read before you die, so little time and actual motivation. Fear not, LSi brings you a short cut to expanding your literary knowledge. This week: Jules Vernes’ underwater odyssey. Characters Pierre Aronnax A marine biologist, torn between desire for freedom and scientific curiosity spends most of … Read More