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The Modern Day Love Triangle: You, Your Partner, and Your Smartphone?

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Gone are the ‘Twilight’ days where you couldn’t decide between a vampire and a werewolf. Now, the dilemma lies between a human being and a slab of metal. Studies have shown that us Brits are more loyal to our phones than our partners, changing partners yearly over a five-year span, … Read More

Facebook: an Addiction to be Regulated?

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The average UK smoker spends 25 minutes smoking cigarettes a day, and depends on cigarettes to occupy their mind or lift their mood. More worryingly, most UK smokers smoke their first cigarette just 30 minutes after waking up. We are hounded to avoid cigarettes and frequently bombarded with graphic cancerous … Read More

Are Guns and Illegal Substances The Real Issues Facing America?

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“64,070 people were killed by drug overdoses” Ask anyone about violence or death in the USA, and instinctively most people will begin to discuss gun crime. However, there is an even bigger problem sweeping the country which is receiving far less public attention – drugs overdosing. A massive 91 Americans … Read More

(Anti) Social Media

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Technology is evolving and faster than ever before. Simultaneously, social media is becoming more and more an innate part of our lives and, in some cases, is taking over completely. The Gryphon explores the positive and negative effects of Social Media – and the extent to which being online really is … Read More

MENTAL HEALTH A-Z: A is for Addiction

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It’s one of the most common mental health issues. According to the NHS one in three of us has an addiction of some type. If you’re reading this in the library, look to your left. Now  look to your right. The chances are that either yourself or one of the … Read More

Chained to the desk: a world addicted to Facebook

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Joshua Taylor, Digital Associate Editor at The Gryphon, discusses why he believes Facebook is destroying our lives, and ultimately, is turning the global population into social media addicts. I first met Facebook in the September of 2008, and have cordially disliked her ever since. She’s too intrusive for my taste, … Read More

Theatre | But Then There Was Ella – MA Student's play debuts at stage@leeds

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But Then There Was Ella, a LUU Open Theatre production, debuted in Stage One in stage@leeds. Written and directed by MA Student Jess Macdonald, Ella beautifully and expertly captures the failures in the human condition, tackling big issues and bringing them sensitively to the forefront.  With compelling performances, powerful dialogue and … Read More