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Top 7 Tips for Helping a Friend Struggling with Mental Illness

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Let’s start with the basics: Mental health is a spectrum. Everyone has mental health. Anyone’s mental health may be good or bad, or somewhere in between. Bad mental health may be temporary, but it is temporarily debilitating. Mental health is ever-changing, fluctuating and reacting to different things that happen to … Read More

Don’t Let S.A.D. Get You Down

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Emma Prentice writes about the best ways to combat seasonal depression and seasonal affective disorder. Despite being a 30-day month, November can feel like it lasts forever. The excitement of Halloween is now behind us, Bonfire Night has just passed and now it’s the long haul until December – bring … Read More

How to Get Over a Cold

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Jessica Farmer writes about the best ways to rid yourself of the flu. As a fresher, I have already contracted numerous colds since arriving at university. Thus, below are some top tips for dealing with a cold. One essential tip to help deal with a cold is to get lots … Read More

Feeling Homesick? You’re Never Alone

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When ambitiously making plans for my gap year, I decided I would start by travelling alone to Mexico. I was meeting a group for a volunteering project but had a week of staying in Playa del Carmen alone first. This should have been the most exciting week of my life … Read More

Battling Loneliness in University

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A recent survey by the BBC Radio 4 has revealed that young people, including those at university, are some of the loneliest people in the country. Following this information, here are some top tips to help you deal with feelings of loneliness at university. The first tip is to join … Read More

Waging the War on Food Waste

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It’s that time of year again. No, not Christmas, it’s World Food Day! October 16th marks the celebration of food and he sexy topic of how to reduce food waste. While it’s become trendy to tackle waste in general – whether that’s proudly standing your reusable Chilly’s bottle next to … Read More

Ways to maintain your friendships after Freshers Week

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As a new student at Leeds, I thought it would be suitable to provide some useful tips and advice on maintaining friendships after Freshers Week.   Firstly, if you are living in halls, it is essential to get to know your flatmates. During my Freshers Week, my flatmates became my … Read More

How not to balance part-time work with university

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With the socialising, hard work and even harder partying, student life is not always easy. It’s even harder holding down a part-time job at the same time. Here are some of the things to avoid when you have to work alongside your studies: Don’t settle for the wrong job Fans … Read More

Books and Bevs: The Importance of Your Academic Society

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This week our Society Editor, Rose Crees, caught up with the LUU English Society to suss out why getting involved with your School’s society is so important. Connie Lawful, the society’s President, and Don Pickworth, one of the Social Secretaries, explained how handy academic societies can be for those new … Read More

Agony aunt: combatting feelings of loneliness

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I’m the kind of person that thrives from being around people. Do you have any tips to combat feelings of loneliness when I’m on my own? I love being around others. Now, my housemates would probably disagree because of the amount of time I spend holed up in the library, … Read More