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Settling into life at Leeds as an international student: experience and advice

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Settling into the UK at university was completely different to my high school experience in the UK. Nevertheless, it was still a challenge. Initially when I arrived (having lived already in the UK for 6 years previously), I had an idea of British culture. For that reason perhaps my settling … Read More

Agony Aunt: Long Distance Relationships

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My boyfriend and I are going to different universities. We’ve been together for a year but it’s the first time we’ll be in a long-distance relationship. Everyone keeps telling me long-distance is really hard … Any advice for making it work? Many people assume that long-distance relationships are incredibly difficult. … Read More

Agony aunt: I’m afraid of not getting on with my flatmates. What should I do if we don’t click at all?

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When moving to university, one of the many things students bring with them is expectations, and often one of these expectations is that they’ll get along with the people they’ll be living with for the next year. Most students will indeed hit it off with their flatmates, but inevitably some … Read More

Welfare at Leeds: advice about the Christmas break

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The Student Advice Centre is running a ‘Hygge’ themed space in Room 4 of the Union from 23rd to 25th November and in Room 2 of the Union on 12th December. The Christmas holidays in Leeds are typically associated with the lively Christmas market in Millennium Square, the festive lights … Read More

Welfare at Leeds: dealing with difficult housemates

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At University we sometimes have a very limited amount of choice about who we end up living with. This is especially true about first year when you are thrown in student accommodation with strangers. Sometimes it’s great and you meet people who go on to be friends for life, but … Read More

What You Won’t Have Thought of When Travelling With a Friend

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This is a bit of a warning but also a sturdy starter pack for those thinking of having a jaunt of their own. There are certain things that go without saying before you go away: what you should take with you; to always have all your travel documents together etc. … Read More

Aunty Lu’s Guide to Freshers 2015

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Pull up a seat and get comfy, this is Aunty Lu’s guide to getting through the first few weeks of university and savouring the things that will only happen once during your time in Leeds. These are the tips that I wish someone had told me, and is basically the … Read More

Sex advice given a Third

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The University’s sexual health support has been ranked 20th in the country, according to research released this week. The report, carried out by the online medical service Dr. Ed, puts Leeds near the bottom of the sexual health league table, ranking 20th out of 24 universities. Assessing the top UK … Read More