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May’s outstretched hand to Africa – cynical fears of China or real change in trade policy?

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Our prime minister, Theresa May, recently returned from her tour d’Afrique. On her whistle-stop tour, Mrs. May intentionally overshot Europe and landed with her business posse in South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria for three days to highlight a desperate mix of pre-post-Brexit blues and a seemingly cynically charged future partnership … Read More

The Safari Diaries: Day 2

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What people forget to tell you about Africa is that it gets cold there, too – colder than you would expect, especially out in the Savannah. That’s why at 6 a.m. on my second day in South Africa I set off to see the elephants looking like this: Despite nearly freezing … Read More

Campus Watch: Wits University reopens following student protests

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The University of Witwatersand (Wits), South Africa has reopened after student demonstrations forced its closure last week. Nationwide protests calling for free education have highlighted the continuing sense of inequality felt by many black students, more than two decades after the end of apartheid. Many universities were forced to either … Read More

Universities in South Africa close amid tuition protests

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Protests for free university education in South Africa escalated this week, prompting at least four institutions to close temporarily just before the exam period is due to begin. The protests follow a government proposal to raise tuition fees by up to eight per cent. With many young black South Africans, … Read More

The Great Migration sweeps across Tanzania

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In June I went on the trip of a lifetime to the second largest continent in the world, the elephant ear-shaped landmass that is Africa. More specifically, the immense game reserves of Tanzania. Our first lodging was the Whistling Thorn Tented Camp on the edge of the Tarangire National Park … Read More

An Audience with… Akala.

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Last Tuesday, the Union was abuzz for no ordinary guest seminar, with the queue snaking through the Union foyer, not too dissimilar to the ticket queue to get into Fruity on a Friday night; however this was in fact to hear Akala host a seminar as part of a series … Read More

Music | Auntie Flo @ HiFi 4/10

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On what felt like the first properly cold day of post-summer, HiFi harboured a bit of African heat to thaw out those grey-October-evening blues. As Auntie Flo, accompanied by South African multi-instrumentalist Esa Williams, began his set, it was as though he was directly channelling the spirit of the world’s … Read More

Photography | Peter Beard – An Opulent Ouvre

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Born in 1938, Peter Beard has that rare quality of someone who, according to Owen Edwards, has lived throughout three centuries. Having ‘roots in the 19th century… with insatiable curiosity and assumed privilege of such eminent Victorians as the adventurer Richard Burton’, his art echoes ‘the specters that stalked the … Read More

Film | The Witches – digitally remastered

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‘The Witches’, released for the first time in 1966, is the story of Gwen Mayfield (Joan Fontaine) as she struggles to deal with haunting memories from her past. The film has recently been digitally restored, and the result is a crisp and pleasantly surprising renovation of 1960s footage. It is always … Read More

TV: Attenborough’s Africa

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  David Attenborough has travelled a lot hasn’t he? He’s been to every corner of the world to document nature at its most diverse, eclectic and voluptuous. It seems the only way to cap-off an astonishing six decades of ground-breaking television broadcasting would be a trip to the moon. Attenborough … Read More