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When Age Is More Than Just A Number

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Whilst male actors often have no issues finding work later in life, actresses are rarely afforded the same luxury. Arts writer, Aneeka Hussain, investigates the intersection between ageism and sexism in the film industry. The clock is ticking. You’re getting older and suddenly childhood is a fleeting moment far behind … Read More

‘In the face of blatant misogyny’: Why Madonna is still relevant today

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Last week, Madonna accepted the Billboard award for ‘Woman of the Year’.  Upon acceptance, Madonna gave a speech addressing issues such as ageism, sexism and misogyny and how she has been subject to such issues throughout her career. As someone who proudly supports Madonna and has done so for more … Read More

21 going on 15

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“Is your mummy or daddy here?” My 18th birthday, and my first holiday away from parents, I am walking through security when this woman rudely interrupts my sophisticatedly sassy I-am-of-age strut. In shushing tones, I swiftly assert;“I’m 18 and they’re at home.” My head spins frantically to assess how many … Read More