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A facade of functionality

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As usual, I had an overly-ambitious idea of what this holiday period would be like – full of library study sessions, frequent meetups with friends, and hopefully some reading for pleasure on the side. Unfortunately though, the suitcase full of books I brought back home from uni with me remains … Read More

Can Meninism actually achieve anything?

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I know that, by now, Meninism and its proponent, Men’s Rights Activists (MRAs), are old news. But, in the wake of International Women’s Day, on which the Piers Morgans of the world jumped at the opportunity to condescendingly undermine the modern day feminist movement, it seems to me a good … Read More

The politics of peeing

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In an unsurprising turn of events last week, Donald Trump rescinded truly basic federal guidance which protected the most rudimentary needs of transgender youth. This guidance was issued only last year by Obama, and required trans students in American schools to be allowed access to the locker rooms and bathrooms … Read More

Last dates for the old ways: going Dutch

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Many of you may have seen this year’s Valentines’ episode of First Dates. It was full to bursting with perfectly matched couples, and enough first date butterflies to make me and my housemates all shed a tear – for the most part. However, this largely successful episode was undercut by … Read More

The Gryphon asks: should Commons Speaker John Bercow have objected to Trump speaking in parliament?

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Yes – Aiden Alexander Wynn At the beginning of last week, John Bercow did something courageous and, frankly, necessary, in stating his opposition to Trump and his upcoming state visit. Some may argue that this act was more of an attack on British democracy than on Trump; it is true … Read More

The (in)efficacy of the prison system

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When events such as the rebellion of prison inmates at the Vaughn Correctional Center in Delaware occur, they necessitate a sense of reflection upon the state of our institutions, especially those which are globally in such dire need. The demands of the rebel prisoners should, I think, shock us at … Read More

The LGBT community: our foundations and growth

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I am an LGBT individual, and, as I write this, we are teetering on the edge of this year’s LGBT History Month. At this time of year, I find it important to acknowledge that there are issues to be confronted if our already strong community is to continue to grow. … Read More

Trans women marched too

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The revolutionary affair that saw millions from across the globe and all walks of life marching mere days ago is hardly a forgettable one. There was protest, there was beauty, there was sisterhood and love, but most importantly there was a focus on the marginalised that has been in dire … Read More