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Crowdfunding Your Degree

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(Photo from : realbuisness.co.uk) Since the financial crisis, many people have grown weary of the traditional banking system and the amount of power it seems to have over the economy. There is now a growing movement to bypass the banks and revolutionise the way in which we access money. Crowdfunding … Read More

The Art of Budgeting: Lunch

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Photo from (Lexis Nexis Being a student is all about mastering the delicate art of scrimping and saving and doing just about anything to avoid reaching that dreaded overdraft limit. This is certainly not always easy! If you’ve just left home, it is likely that budgeting for things like food … Read More

The Leeds food industry making a difference

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In modern industry, the recognition of the environmental and ethical impact of firms is undoubtedly growing. As consumers, many of us no longer find it acceptable for businesses to exploit natural resources for their own greedy motives! More and more businesses now incorporate ethical goals into their company structures. We … Read More