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News | Young politicians face ‘prejudices’, says Councillor, 22

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Leeds City’s youngest councillor has called for more young people to get into politics despite the ‘barriers’ they face. Alice Smart, who won a seat in this year’s local elections aged 21, rejected claims she is too young to enter politics, although admitted there “can definitely be an issue” with … Read More

Comment | Politicians, practice what you preach

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Michael Gove recently hit the headlines when he chose to send his daughter to, shock-horror, a comprehensive school. This made him the first ever sitting Conservative Education Secretary to do so. Now, as these stories always do, it received a lot of coverage, fuelling our obsession with where politicians send their kids … Read More

Comment | Smash mental health taboos on campus

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Last week, campuses across the UK celebrated University Mental Health Day. While it’s always promising to see nation-wide efforts to stimulate positive discussion around mental health, it’s especially important that progress is made when reaching out to students. No matter where you go to university, mental health is all too often … Read More

Comment | No 'benefit' to anyone

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You might have noticed that critics and fans have been raving in equal measure about Channel 4’s recent series, Benefits Street. Whether you tuned in to watch or recoiled at the premise of the program, it certainly got people talking. Benefits Street was wrong on so many levels: from peddling … Read More

Gallery: The Leadership Race Results, 2013

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  Last night, your six new Union Executive Officers and Leeds Student Editor were elected. The results were as follows: Leeds Student Editor – Rehema Figueiredo Equality & Diversity – Emma Friend (3781 votes) Community – Frankie O’Byrne (3469 votes) Welfare – Charlotte Warner (3235 votes) Education – Alice Smart (3291 votes) Activities … Read More