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Migration by Bonobo

2 years ago / 0 comments

Bonobo’s new album Migration is perfect… As background music. Although I probably shouldn’t admit this, I listened to Migration while doing other things important things on my post-exam-to-do-list: reclining a lot, sampling a Cadbury’s milk tray, contemplating my dour looking future, and browsing John Lewis’ women’s slipper range. More often … Read More

Loscil ‘Sea Island’ Album Review

4 years ago / 0 comments

Being successful making ambient music is tricky. There are no real catchy hooks, there isn’t much – if anything – to sing along to, and it’s often difficult to differentiate artists by sound alone. Vancouver-based multi-instrumental electronic soundscape extraordinaire Scott Morgan, having gone by the project name Loscil since the … Read More

Music | Album Review: Aphex Twin

4 years ago / 0 comments

Lurking like an android shark in the fathomless gloom of the Deep Web is a creature whose emergence has been foretold by UFO and urban hieroglyph. The robotic beast that ascends from the internet’s seabed is SYRO, Aphex Twin’s first album in 13 long years of anticipation. Finally, Richard D. … Read More

Music | Album Review – Roman Flügel

4 years ago / 0 comments

Halfway through an album that ebbs and flows like the gentle wash of sea on sand, a digitized voice breaks the calm of Roman Flügel’s Happiness Is Happening. ‘Save me, because I am lonely,’ It croaks. ‘I thought you were happy.’ It’s strangely out of place, not just because it is the … Read More

Music | Album Review – Call Super

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Berlin resident Call Super’s debut LP Suzi Ecto begins in a not dissimilar way to ‘Tubular Bells’, with the delicately creeping melody and rather uncomfortable atmosphere of ‘Snipe’. You’re on edge. You look behind you. Back again. Then, out of nowhere, the album proper starts with the uncannily joyful, cloud-like … Read More