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Montana: America’s Hidden Gem

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Often overlooked for more cosmopolitan and well-known US destinations, the state of Montana is a hidden gem with plenty of beauty and charm for travelers to enjoy and explore. Spending the summer in southwest, Montana has been quite the adventure and has opened my eyes to all that the area … Read More

Campus Watch: Trump administration attacks students’ transgender rights on campuses across the nation

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The Trump administration has withdrawn federal guidance which gives transgender students access to bathrooms which match their gender identity. The move could give many schools an excuse to restrict trans rights. The Obama administration issued guidance in 2016 that interprets discrimination on gender identity as part of discriminating on the … Read More

The politics of scandal: comparing America and France

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Both the American presidential election of last year and the upcoming French presidential election have been affected by scandal. Yet, such ‘scandal’ has had remarkably different effects on said electoral campaigns. Donald Trump’s awful remarks about disabled people, women and ethnic minorities shocked many across America; however, others heralded Trump … Read More

Fashion and the First Lady

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Off the back of Trump’s inauguration and the subsequent departure of the Obama’s from The White House, we could be forgiven for thinking that the release of blockbuster film Jackie, starring Natalie Portman, was timed to fuel political outrage further. The film chronicles the life of Jackie Kennedy during her time as … Read More

The decline of American liberalism

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The US election every four years presents the American people with two doors that they must choose between. Traditionally, one door is characterised by progressive leanings and some degree of redistribution of income while the other door is defined by its conservative nature and its faith in the free market. … Read More

Turncoat Trump backtracks on headline policies

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He has yet to officially begin his presidency, but President-Elect Donald Trump has already reached nearly a dozen U-turns on policy promises that featured prominently in his campaign. His pledges were controversial, but granted his campaign the support of voters who thought that only the most radical of changes from … Read More

How do you rationalise a vote for Trump?

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It’s been just over a week since Donald Trump was elected as President of the United States. Bradley discusses how a vote for the self-proclaimed and anti-establishment candidate is a vote for prejudice and hatred.  President-elect Donald Trump has been heralded by his supporters as the underdog who fought for … Read More

Why does Britain favour Costa when the world favours Starbucks?

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(Photo from : Worldvs.com) Together, Costa and Starbucks account for 72 percent of spending in Britain’s branded coffee-shops and with 1.7bn cups of coffee sold each year in the UK, it’s no surprise that Costa and Starbucks fight for bragging rights. Whilst Costa may be ‘The Nation’s Favourite Coffee Shop’, … Read More

Election Night: An Editor’s Take

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So, Trump has won. Those are words I had hoped I wouldn’t have to write, but fortune was not so kind. A campaign fuelled by hatred and deception has resulted in the least qualified individual ever to receive the party nomination winning the White House. It would be easy, and … Read More

How it happened: election breakdown

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While the final upshot forecast may have given Secretary of State Hillary Clinton an 84% chance of victory in the presidential election, it is reality television star and businessman Donald Trump that has secured 279 electoral votes, and the White House. Clinton versus Obama Clinton did not perform as well … Read More