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US Midterms: Democrats Rejoice at House Victory

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When America sneezes, the world catches a cold.  This old adage may not be as true as it once was, but in this age of populism and division, the US midterm elections were watched throughout the world. For those of you who did not want to stay up all night … Read More

US Diplomats In Same-Sex Relationships Must Now Be Married To Remain In The US: That’s Scandalous.

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If anyone was feeling a bit overdue for another US immigration scandal then you can worry no longer. In his latest attack on the rights of migrants, Trump has now decided to deny G-4 family visas to same-sex partners of foreign diplomats. This essentially means that any such couple wishing … Read More

Build bridges not walls

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Since Trump came into power it seems like it’s been one breaking news story after another! But this week has seen a huge surge in media attention and controversy after Trump set a 120-day travel ban on refugees and a 90-day travel ban on ‘most’ citizens from seven countries. The … Read More

The vice-presidential debate summed up

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If Trump vs Hillary was likened to the Superbowl, then the vice presidential debate was more akin to an after-school Rounders game. With almost 50% of the country not even knowing their names. VP candidates Mike Pence (Republican) and Tim Kaine (Democrat) have been in the shadows of their more … Read More

The America Edition: Not So Different After All…

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Republicans and Democrats alike are desperate for this election to be seen as a simple choice for voters. Each side wants their own candidate to be the inspirational voice that offers a coherent path of prosperity. The problem is that much of the conflict between the two candidates takes place … Read More

The America Edition: The Story So Far…

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To most of us in Britain the U.S. election next week is a strange occurrence. It dominates much of the news and is obviously important on a global level, but surely it won’t have a huge effect on our everyday lives? Furthermore Obama will almost certainly win, because who in … Read More

The America Edition: The Dissolution with Obama

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When Mitt Romney took to the stage at the Republican national convention last August, he managed to sum up the disillusion many felt towards Barack Obama in one cruel but brilliant point: “You know there’s something wrong with the kind of job he’s done as President when the best feeling … Read More

The Debate Continues…

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Wednesday saw the first round of the United States presidential election debates, focussing on domestic policy. The general consensus seems to be that Barack Obama lost. Mitt Romney has gained popularity among voters due to his unexpectedly adroit and measured performance. Obama is being heavily criticised for, among other supposed … Read More