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Amsterdam Night Life: A Year Abroad Perspective

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I left for my year abroad in Amsterdam considering the clichéd sentiments and warnings that go hand in hand with the shadier sides of the city’s double-edged culture. Any prior trips to the so-called ‘City of Sin’ had not inspired much confidence in me in terms of its nightlife. However, … Read More

DKMNTL-10YEARS02 // Call Super + Shanti Celeste

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To celebrate 10 years of throwing parties and releasing high quality underground electronic music, Dutch label Dekmantel are doing a series of releases in 2017 with some of the most prominent and well respected names in the game, such as Motor City Drum Ensemble, Ricardo Villalobos and Palms Trax. In … Read More

The Amsterdam Unisex Brand

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Amsterdam is known for innovation and creativity, with its fashion scene home to many established designers and up-and-coming talent. Many of the designs are at the forefront of fashion trends, acknowledging and exploring new social constructs. As gender binaries continue to blur, the trend for gender-neutral clothing is constantly gaining … Read More

Rotterdam vs Amsterdam

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The thing I miss most about Rotterdam is the remarkable Dutch architecture as soon as you leave the centre, positioned amongst tall luscious trees and flowers. Central Rotterdam is a beautifully-modern little metropolis, the first word that comes to mind is ‘shiny’. The small centre is jam-packed full of sleek, … Read More

Why We Call Holland The Netherlands

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Loren Snel is a Dutch exchange student in Linguistics, Literature and Journalism. She has come to Leeds to explore the UK’s promising (media) landscape but its rolling hills and absence of tulips left her culture shocked. She enjoys Pinot Gris, fancy restaurants, jogging and dancing to indie pop bands as … Read More

Blogs | Hats Off To These God Damn Christmas markets!

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Someone grab me a granddad Christmas jumper! Crack out the mint Baileys! Set me the stuffing! I’ve got to baste me a turkey because… It’s Chriiiiiiistmaaaaaas!!! Well, not yet, but it genuinely feels like Christmas has been settling in throughout the whole of Germany for the past month. I mean, … Read More