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Stranger Things Season Two: Back to the 80s

4 months ago / 0 comments

Everyone’s favourite Netflix original, Stranger Things, has finally made its return, after its acclaimed debut season in July of last year. Many of us here at In The Middle have already binged Season Two in full, and we can’t deny that the soundtrack is one of the best parts of … Read More

Single Review: Loving Is Easy by Rex Orange County

5 months ago / 0 comments

Rex Orange County, aka Alex O’Connor, has well and truly laid down the law of how to make sweet easy to listen to tunes. Already two albums down and having featured on Tyler the Creator’s new album Flower Boy, O’Connor’s presence is undeniable. As sweet soulful lilts serenade us throughout … Read More

Single Review: Here We Are Again by Ella Grace

5 months ago / 0 comments

After the success of her two previous singles, Ella has returned with ‘Here We Are Again’, a bittersweet and more solemn ode to the ache of lost love. Beginning and ending with the sound of birds immediately transports the listener to a patch of nature much like that featured in … Read More

Joan Shelley by Joan Shelley

10 months ago / 0 comments

It’s rare to be lulled into a state of complete calmness after only the first sixteen seconds of an album, but Joan Shelley’s most recent self-titled release rose to the challenge. Close your eyes and you are effortlessly transported to a place of tranquillity free from word limits and exam … Read More

‘She’ by Ella Grace

12 months ago / 0 comments

‘She’ is our first taste of what Ella Grace Denton, choosing to go by Ella Grace, has to offer our eager ears. Her sweet Sunday-soul voice is paired with a simple acoustic guitar on the two tracks ‘She’ and ‘Away From Here’. After teasing her followers about music for a … Read More

In The Middle with Tony Ereira

1 year ago / 0 comments

We caught up with Tony Ereira from the Come Play With Me single club over coffee and cake to delve into the motivation behind his project to promote those artists trying to make a name for themselves in today’s music industry. Come Play With Me is a social enterprise spearheaded … Read More

Clear Shot by TOY

1 year ago / 0 comments

Clear Shot is the new atmospheric ten track album from neo-psychedelic Brighton band TOY. In the three years since their last album, Join The Dots, the band have lost keyboardist Alejandra Diez but gained a more experimental sound, offering a refreshing change amidst the grime and pop suffocating the music … Read More

In the Middle with Blossoms

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Blossoms are a five piece indie-pop band originating from Stockport in greater Manchester. Consisting of Tom Ogden (lead vocals, guitar), Joe Donovan (drums), Charlie Salt (bass, vocals), Josh Dewhurst (lead guitar, percussion) and Myles Kellock (keyboard, synthesizer, vocals), they formed in 2013, but the success of their single ‘Charlemagne’ put … Read More