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Feature – UK Rave: A History Revisited

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For the fervent politicians & terrified parents of the early 1990s, the demise of illegal raves was a cause for celebration. For those immersed in the subculture, it was the destruction of an important part of many youths’ lives; a haven from the cut-throat politics of Thatcher’s Britain. This Saturday, … Read More

Projections by Romare 

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Footsteps echo down a corridor as synthesised waves rise uniformly from the cloudy day outside, at some point becoming indistinguishable from the drops of water that bounce from the windows.  Rising, falling, rising again; taking a moment to linger before the cycle repeats. With one pause, a voice breaks through. … Read More

The Charlie Hebdo series: a fight for cultural acceptance, a fight for human rights

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Amongst humanity’s many crimes, failure to ingrain tolerance at the foundations of society must sit the highest. The despicable acts of the men responsible for yesterday’s attack on the Charlie Hebdo office in Paris have provoked the worldwide fury, shock and grief that should accompany every loss of human life … Read More

Musical Moments – Editors’ picks of 2014

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In 150 words, the Music and Clubs editors recall their favourite musical moments of 2014, ranging from Massive Attacks‘ set at Glastonbury, Klock and Dettmann at Dekmantel, to Ben Frost‘s performance in Utrecht.  Andrew: It was the last after-party at Dekmantel, and I was struggling. I’d been up more than forty … Read More

Interview: Ben UFO

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The rise of Hessle Audio has been a dramatic one. Set up in the midst of dubstep’s storming of the UK circuit, under the stewardship of Ben Thomson (Ben UFO), David Kennedy (Pearson Sound, formerly Ramadanman) and Kevin McAuley (Pangaea) the label has become synonymous with both the trio’s technical … Read More

Onra @ Hifi 24/10

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For four months last year I lived with a Chinese family in Shanghai, and for four months I was surrounded by the unique tones of Chinese children’s learning development songs. Safely back in Leeds, I had imagined this period of musical surreality had ended. Onra thought differently. “I’m going to … Read More

Music | Festival Preview – High Definition

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On July 5, Tunbridge Wells’ High Definition Festival returns for its fourth year, with a lineup set to take the festival above and beyond the success of last year’s sold out event. The six-stage collection covers an impressive variety of genres, with highlights including legend of rhythm Carl Cox, as … Read More