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Is George Soros To Blame For Everything?

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Remember when conspiracy theories were the sole preserve of your one insufferable friend who painstakingly chronicled their YouTube “research” in an effort to convince you that 9/11 was an “inside job”? No longer. They are now truly mainstream. A study from Cambridge University has discovered that sixty per cent of … Read More

I Can’t Help But Respect Theresa May

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I will openly admit it: I respect Theresa May. While one could produce an extensive list of her character flaws, the last two weeks have shown our beleaguered prime minister to be indefatigable, resilient and tenacious. By most peoples’ reckoning, the Prime Minister suffered two days of hell after unveiling … Read More

Is Patriotism An Antidote For Nationalism?

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While addressing a ceremony at the centenary of the armistice at the Arc De Triomphe, French President Emmanuel Macron warned of the alarming rise of nationalism across Western Europe and the United States. He described it as a “betrayal of patriotism”. Macron claimed that patriotism was the opposite of nationalism. It … Read More

Blasphemy Laws Must be Consigned to History

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Ireland recently voted to remove the crime of blasphemy from its constitution. Only fifty years ago this country resembled a Catholic theocracy, it has now begun to remove the last vestiges of religious privilege from its law. However, two incidents have occurred in as many weeks that illuminate the wicked … Read More

Liberals, We Need to Talk About Immigration

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Writing about immigration fills me with feelings of trepidation. I am acutely aware that poking your head outside the echo-chamber is dangerous, with the potential for one’s liberal card to be revoked in quick order. However, my aim is not to question the liberal orthodoxy, just the treatment of those … Read More

Is Traditional News Media Obsolete?

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“There is no one thing called ‘journalism’; no single entity called ‘news’; no single recognisable entity for a ‘journalist’.”         Alan Rusbridger, former Editor-in-Chief of The Guardian Journalists were once gatekeepers of information, defining what constituted ‘news’. A select group of people, with privileged access to this … Read More

“It Doesn’t Matter”: WWE and Saudi Arabia

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I have been a life-long fan of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). And yes, I am acutely aware of the ridiculous nature of this simulated sport. Professional wrestling is predicated upon the idea that you suspend your disbelief: you know what you are seeing is predetermined. Yet, you pretend that it … Read More

The Trump of the Tropics?

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The rise of populism has begun to strain liberal democracy across Western Europe and the United States. Brazil, South America’s largest democratic country, appears, also, to be falling for a populist’s allure. Jair Bolsonaro, a man described as “Trump on steroids”, looks poised to become its next president. Yet, what … Read More

Beware the Populist Who Attacks the Free Press

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“A FREE PRESS HAS FAR TOO OFTEN MEANT THE FREEDOM TO SPREAD LIES AND HALF-TRUTHS” Upon reading the above quote you could be forgiven for thinking it had escaped from the lips of the belligerent and capricious right-wing populist who currently resides in the White House. However, this disparaging of … Read More