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Facing the issue: why can’t society accept makeup and men?

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In a world where it is more and more common for men and boys to develop their own style and take an active interest in current fashion trends, why do we still find it so hard to accept that some men want to wear makeup? For the most part, men … Read More

An unlikely gender pay-gap

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In a society where women struggle to get paid equally for the same jobs as men, it seems as though the modelling industry might be the one place where the tables are turned. Last week it was announced by top modelling agency Premier that male models can earn up to … Read More

Androgyny and Fashion: a make-up, break-up relationship

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Androgyny is often identified as a new concept, but it has been a constant figure in fashion for decades, if not longer. Most recently the essence of the 90s is fully captured through the androdgynous grunge philosophy that allowed the youth’s rebellion against capitalism, social expectation and conformity. This modern … Read More

Androgyny: Stripping Fashion of its Gender

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Androgyny and women’s fashion are two concepts often seen together – we’re all used to the sharp lines of Tom Ford suits, and the wonderful craftsmanship of Alexander McQueen tailoring. But androgyny in menswear? Now that’s something we don’t often see. So when a host of designers treated us to … Read More

Bored of boundaries: The age of androgynous fashion

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Fashion reacts to, inspires and defines social and political change. The industry faces criticism as a marketplace that highlights our obsession with wealth, image and the body. However it is truly leading the way and proving the immense power of the community in releasing the archaic iron-clad gender rules that … Read More