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The Crisis of Crisis Film

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Film is a complex medium that can contain the perfect formula to provide its audience with happiness while possessing the right amount of emotional depth. Crisis can be the perfect strategy to momentarily tug at a Western audience’s heartstrings in this way. It is the necessary ingredient that directors use … Read More

When Age Is More Than Just A Number

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Whilst male actors often have no issues finding work later in life, actresses are rarely afforded the same luxury. Arts writer, Aneeka Hussain, investigates the intersection between ageism and sexism in the film industry. The clock is ticking. You’re getting older and suddenly childhood is a fleeting moment far behind … Read More

Black History Month: The People Changing the Face of Entertainment

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To mark the end of Black History Month, Aneeka Hussain celebrates the most exciting BME figures in the entertainment industry. Recently, there has been a lot of buzz surrounding the breakthroughs by black actors. Their work is no longer being viewed as separate but is being integrated within the mainstream. … Read More

Rupi Kaur and Connecting with Contemporary Poetry

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Rupi Kaur’s Instagram famous poetry has created much debate on the limitations and boundaries of the form. Aneeka Hussain delves into her personal connection with Kaur’s poetry and what it means for poetry readers in the contemporary age.  I must finally admit it. I’m one of the thousands of girls … Read More

Intersectional Feminism in The Hijabi Monologues

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Newsflash: Muslim women have ‘normal’ interests and also do ‘everyday things’. The shock! The horror! Recently there has been a growth of media commentary about Muslim women. Believe it or not, most of this has been showcasing their victories rather than contributing to the usual stereotypical ramblings. We have seen … Read More

Is the film industry diverting diversity?

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From personal experience, Aneeka Hussain takes a look at the bigger picture of minority representation in film. It’s no secret that the film industry is ride with old, white male actors. Actors who have become a symptom of the industry and used to tell a range of stories – most … Read More

Bradford Literature Festival Review 2017

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Aneeka Hussain gives an insightful and personal review of Bradford Literature Festival 2017 where she volunteered as the city she calls home was transformed into a hub of culture and excitement. From 30th June to the 9th July, Bradford city centre is transformed into a world of Literature and History: it … Read More