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The Most Hated Women

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From Josie Cunningham to Anita Sarkeesian, women online are subject to a seemingly constant barrage of hate and abuse. The Gryphon explores the phenomenon of online harrassment. At some point in most people’s lives they will be the recipient of online abuse, with so-called ‘keyboard warriors’ directing torrents of hatred … Read More

Pub grub and culture on your doorstep in York

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After a month of exams and being trapped in a continuous migratory pattern between Hyde Park and Edward Boyle, there was much talk about ‘getting out’ and escaping Leeds for a day. That’s how last Sunday, eight pounds and a twenty minute train ride later I found myself, along with … Read More

The truth behind making it in the publishing world

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It can easily be imagined how difficult it is to make it as an author. Hours of writing met with one rejection letter after another. Yet, is finally getting a book published really the big break we might expect it to be? While we may not expect all authors to … Read More