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Campus Watch: Birmingham scientists aim to create sperm fertility app

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Scientists from the University of Birmingham have formulated mathematical equations that will help determine the efficiency of human sperm based on visual factors. Leader of the project at Birmingham, Dr Dave Smith, said: “This has the potential to transform fertility treatments.” Current procedures to determine fertility date back over 60 … Read More

Depop Hotlist: Sweater Weather

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Winter is upon us, and deadlines are setting in. For the homeliest of rooms to hibernate in here are three completely different Depop sellers who will make your room Instaworthy and feel a lot cosier for winter.  @frenchgreytales has anything small you’d want to make you room more personal by adding … Read More

Depop Hotlist: Vintage addict

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If you missed the vintage fair, dont worry, it’ll be back in December. In the meantime, you can grab yourself a bargain on Depop. @ellahannington  Depop is her life. No, literally, her life. She does it as a full time job, finding treasures to sell on her page, from new … Read More

Union Forum Proposals: Female-only gym hours?

2 years ago / 405 comments

The upcoming Union Forums are discussing some hot topics in the coming weeks. The Gryphon has cherry-picked some of the very best and interesting ideas to inspire you to get debating, get pro-active and get involved. Female-only gym hours? Namrah Shahid has proposed that the Edge provide female-only gym sessions … Read More

UniLeeds app causes confusion as registers move online

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The University of Leeds has recently introduced a new update for its smartphone app, UniLeeds, which enables students to use Bluetooth to confirm attendance. With the update, some schools and departments now require that students ‘check-in’ at certain lecture theatres using their phones, and are therefore no longer handing out … Read More

New app lets you buy leftover restaurant food

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The Gryphon speaks to Leeds grads Chris Wilson and Jamie Crummie about their quest to tackle the country’s food waste problem through their new app, Too Good to Go, that allows you to buy restaurants’ food at a fraction of the normal price. Over one million people in the UK … Read More

Comment | The justice system, no justice for victims

5 years ago / 0 comments

This week the hyper-lenient sentence given to Lewis Gill hit the news. Lewis Gill’s almost entirely unprovoked attack on Andrew Young in Bournemouth last year was the result of the victim merely telling off Gill’s friend. Gill’s friend was riding his bicycle on the pavement and Gill lashed out and … Read More

News | More beer for your buck

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A third year Physics student has developed a beer calculator app. Josh Palmer’s new invention compares and stores prices of beer and ale. The app lets users know how to get “more party for your paycheck” by calculating the price per unit as well as the price per pint. Palmer … Read More

News | New NHS app for Leeds students

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A free mobile phone app has been launched designed to provide healthcare information for students living in Leeds. Created by NHS Leeds West Clinical Commissioning Group, the app contains information on: the NHS ‘111’ telephone service, how to register with a GP or dentist, where to go for urgent healthcare, … Read More