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News | Ruthless burglars break doors

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A group of students were left astonished after finding their locked front door hanging off its hinges after being burgled. The house of seven returned from a night out at 3am to discover their front door almost removed. Second year Civil Engineering student Navide Apicella told LS: “when I saw … Read More

Sport | Varsity – What's all the hype?

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With Varsity around the corner, LS Sport are here to let you know what to expect of the University’s most competitive sporting showdown with our neighbours, and where to get all the best coverage. During the course of just one day, the University of Leeds will battle it out with … Read More

Travel | Greek Island Hopping Guide

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Whether you’re still hoping to book a last minute get away in the sun or already planning for next summer, our Greek Island Guide is a must read. When to go: Mid-June to mid-July or later on in the year (Late September – October). It’s not recommended to go during … Read More