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National Security or Secure Privacy?

1 year ago / 0 comments

Battles between Microsoft and the U.S. department of Justice are no stranger to headlines. On the one side, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella claims that eroding customer trust due to confusing data privacy laws can spell disaster for not only his own company, but the technology industry as a whole. Whilst … Read More

Incremental Innovation at its Best

2 years ago / 0 comments

Every year millions of Apple users around the world go into a frenzy when the next iPhone, Mac, iPad and now even the Apple Watch get released into the ever changing technology market. But is Apple’s strategy of incremental innovation worth the dent to our bank accounts or is it … Read More

Phones explode and Samsung’s shares implode

2 years ago / 0 comments

(Photo : REUTERS/Dado Ruvic) Following the release of the Galaxy Note 7 in August, Samsung was riding the wave of success after rave reviews for their innovative new design, which claimed to push the boundaries of previous smartphone capabilities. Offering premium wireless charging and a more responsive iris scanner, the … Read More

Ask Not What Apple Can Do For Their Country

3 years ago / 0 comments

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, wrote a letter to Apple customers last week. Posted on the company’s website, the tech boss explained that the company would not honour a request made by the FBI to provide a ‘backdoor’ to encrypted iPhones. This decision to avoid developing a tool for the … Read More

LS Fashion takes a tour of Trinity Leeds

6 years ago / 0 comments

Trinity- the major shopping centre that’s been brewing behind the back of M&S for years, set for its big unveil on March 21st!

Failure: the first step towards success?

6 years ago / 0 comments

Being told you’re not good enough is a simple factor of life. Whether it’s a rejection for a place at your desired University, or an unwanted grade in an essay; it seems failure is a common feature of our everyday life. However, this doesn’t mean we’re destined to fail for … Read More

An iPad's for life, not just for Business

6 years ago / 0 comments

Ever got caught out checking Facebook in lectures? Well students on one course are being told they must to have iPads to do their degree. The International Business course has become the first in the UK to introduce compulsory iPads. Programme Director Nicolas Forsans told Leeds Student that while he … Read More