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Twenty-First Century Romance

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Long gone are the days of flower bouquets and dinner dates; it seems dating in the 21st century is all about Pokédates and phone apps. Georgia Ryan explores romance in the modern age… Released in the summer of 2016, Pokémon GO was praised for encouraging gamer to stretch their legs … Read More

“There’s just no hiding behind anything”: Charlotte Crosby talks the latest app on the dating scene, ShowReal

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There are a huge amount of dating apps on the market now. From the giant that is Tinder, to Bumble, OkCupid, match.com and Coffee Meets Bagel (yes, that is a thing),  you could argue that the market is already over saturated. Yet a new app is now on the scene, … Read More

Fashion apps we’re loving

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Villoid: We can’t list our favourite fashion apps without mentioning Villoid. Launched last year by Alexa Chung, this app allows the user to create their own moodboards pinterest-style but has a buy option for products. Using high end and high street you can create your dream wardrobe. You can follow … Read More

Uni of Leeds is Watching You

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A new academic year equals changes around university. With our beloved Eddie B being renovated and the Hidden Café mysteriously having disappeared to a very hidden place, this year is no exception. But it is not just campus that is changing: technology is adapting, with the new Bluetooth attendance system, … Read More

Finding your feet: Top tips for Freshers

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Top TV Tips: Buy a TV Licence… Split a Netflix account between your flat, find a series you all like and binge it together. Try Amazon Prime for a free trial, but make sure you opt out within 60 days to avoid the £60 joining fee. Don’t forget series link! … Read More

Features | LSi's top five iPhone games

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The most recent iPhone game craze has been Flappy Bird, which has been selling for thousands of pounds on Ebay since its creator decided to delete it. Those who still have old Nokias or Blackberries are deprived of the beauty and simplicity of games such as this. For a mere … Read More