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Top 10 Record Store Day 2018 Must-Have’s

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Independent Record Store Day is right around the corner and the selection of great vinyl is mind-numbingly large. It can be hard to navigate such an eclectic and vast amount of records so I’ve put together my top 10 must-grabs of Record Store Day 2018 Car Seat Headrest – Twin … Read More

Festival Review: Isle of Wight 2017

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There’s something truly enchanting about the eclectic mix of people, from all walks of life, who flock to Isle of Wight festival each year. This can only be a consequence of its respective line up which provides us with the mash up of the classic, the quirky and the just … Read More

Feature – Reflektions

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Haiti is an island thought of by some as riddled with violence, turbulence (politically and tectonically) and poverty. Most will probably instantly think back to the devastation of the 2010 earthquake, where supposedly only 1% of donor funding has gone directly to the government.Very little acknowledgment is given to Haiti … Read More

Policy by Will Butler

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From writing songs inspired by Brazilian water shortages and black holes to winning an Academy Award for best musical score for film “Her”, Will Butler has certainly been busy in the past few months. Now he has 8 new tracks to share with us in debut solo album Policy. Truly … Read More

Music | Album Review – Arcade Fire

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Arcade Fire – Reflektor (3/5) Arcade Fire is back with their fourth LP, “Reflektor”. Unlike the gradual progression of their style heard across their last three albums, their latest offering is a significant departure from their usual brand of indie rock. The subtler genre explorations of the past that were … Read More