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Censoring Drill Music Will Not Solve Problems of Violence

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Drill music is the latest genre of UK urban music to be blamed for inciting violence amongst young people. Music has often been the focus of those trying to explain the violence of people they don’t really understand; think grime in the 2000’s or hip hop in the 90’s. The … Read More

This Article Has Been Censored

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For the past few years, I have been increasingly interested in art. My knowledge of this field used to be very limited, and that is the main reason I decided to pick History of Art for my A-levels. In my first class, our teacher asked us what we thought ‘art’ … Read More

Giant blue penis erected as a mural: should art be censored?

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The question of whether or not it is ethical to censor art is one that has been asked for centuries and one that will continue to be asked into the unknown future. Changing social expectations mean that what we find offensive is an ever-changing concept. That people push the limits … Read More