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Native American Art steals the limelight at the Met

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York is finally celebrating the creativity and beauty of Native American art. Previously displayed among works from Africa, Oceania and the Americas, this is the first time that Native American art has been exhibited in the American Wing of the museum. Including Indigenous … Read More

Frida Kahlo: A Lifetime of Pain Painted into an Everlasting Revolution

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Trigger Warning: Graphic description of personal injury  Frida Kahlo is known today as one of the twentieth century’s most influential painters. The transcendence of her art is a testament to its cultural significance and relevance in contemporary society. Kahlo’s immortalisation has moulded her into a public persona that’s often idolised … Read More

Random, Radical, or Just Radiation? Fusing Art with the Atom

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Chernobyl. The name doesn’t often crop up in slick advertisements, or in the dusty windows of foregone travel agents. Instead, it’s more likely associated with images of toxic waste, flashing warning symbols and widespread sickness than your next sun-soaked holiday in the Mediterranean. Now, it’s set to be home to … Read More

The Arts and Climate Change

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The issue of climate change is becoming increasingly pertinent; a crisis that is only worsening and demands immediate action. Collins Dictionary’s word of the year for 2018 was ‘single-use’, powerfully highlighting how environmental problems are becoming an integral part of our daily lexicon, with increasing discussion on finding solutions to … Read More

Still Life: Things Devouring Time Exhibition at The Stanley and Audrey Burton Gallery

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Four artists have recently finished installing their works at the Stanley and Audrey Burton Gallery in the University’s Parkinson building. A free exhibition, it is a transformed space that emphasises the sheer implication of society’s current modes of unsustainability and buoys its message to the fore through intricate, striking imagery … Read More

Art And Communism

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Communism is the economic and political belief that all property is owned by the community. In reality, this mutates into the notion that everything is therefore owned by the state. Its opposite ideology is known as Capitalism, the system in which factors such as trade and industry are controlled by … Read More

This Article Has Been Censored

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For the past few years, I have been increasingly interested in art. My knowledge of this field used to be very limited, and that is the main reason I decided to pick History of Art for my A-levels. In my first class, our teacher asked us what we thought ‘art’ … Read More

Do Art Galleries Cost Too much?

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There is no doubt that public art comes at a price. But when this price leaves you little change from £100 for a family day-out, are we costing young people more than just their creative development and community engagement? Tristram Hunt, director of the V&A, doesn’t seem to think so. … Read More

Banksy In The Bin: The Infamous Shredding Picture

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Banksy is arguably the most iconic street artist of our time, who still remains anonymous, (although is probably Robert Del Naja, 52-year-old member of trip-hop trio Massive Attack, sorry for the spoilers). International headlines have recently been captured by his latest anti-capitalist controversy. At Southeby’s Auction House on Saturday 6th … Read More

Paint, Pot, Print: How Art and Mental Wellbeing are Connected

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Georgia Thompson provides a look at Paint, Pot, Print, an exhibition Swarthmore Café are currently running in association with Love Arts Festival. Celebrating creativity and mental wellbeing, the exhibition includes the works of Beth Smith and Neil Thompson, two local Leeds-based artists who incorporate social and political issues into their … Read More