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Art | Mondrian and his Studios @ Tate Liverpool – Understanding and Immersion

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Absolute immersion and devotion to a single occupation is rare in our modern age. Luckily, the rare, flailing student who rises each morning to sight of four bedroom walls plastered with exam notes is an exception. This is, perhaps, the reason that when reflecting on Piet Mondrian’s complete dedication to … Read More

Art | OVERTIME: Art and the Office – Seize's exploration of a career in art

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Image: Seize OVERTIME pitches the bureaucratic environment of the archetypal office against the demiurgic context of the gallery. By allowing artists as cultural commentators to pick apart the office as a workplace and as a place centred around making money, they openly interrogate the accepted working practices traditionally placed in … Read More

Art/Film | Kiss Kiss Kill Kill – the spy canon beyond Bond

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Image: Kiss Kiss Kill Kill Archive The mention of spy films alone is enough to make people instantly think of James Bond. Beyond the suited and booted gadget-wielding Bond, though, lies a canon of European spy cinema that’s largely unknown. Blenheim Walk Gallery at the Leeds College Art currently plays … Read More

Art | Alfred Drury – Victorian sculpture on campus

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Image: Stanley and Audrey Burton Gallery Tucked away in the Stanley and Audrey Burton gallery is a small yet extensive exhibition of Alfred Drury’s life works. An influential architectural sculptor of the Victorian and Edwardian times, Drury was part of New Sculpture, an artistic movement which shifted sculpture from its … Read More

Art | PAN Berlin

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Image: PAN Leeds College of Art is currently hosting an exhibition from PAN, the Berlin based record label who have become critically acclaimed as a platform for experimental sound and art. With the exhibition showcasing a range of artwork produced by the labels musicians and artists, and the way PAN … Read More

Art | MEXICO Member's Show – The artists say farewell to Wharf Street

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Image: m-e-x-i-c-o Times are changing for the directors of Mexico, who this week held their last ever show in the Wharf Street gallery. The mood of the room, however, was not one of teary goodbyes. Buzzing with an impressive turnout, art fans of all ages enjoyed the space, the work … Read More

Features | Selfies – Yay or Nay?

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Selfies are a product of our generation, bred from the rise of the iPhone. But do they represent something more; the redefining of self image?   Yay As we grow up we’re bombarded with oppressive and contradictory beauty ideals about what to wear, how to look and how to present … Read More

Photography | Chen Man – Sparking the Imagination

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photo: Chen Man 4/5 Chen Man is world renowned for her photography and it isn’t difficult to see why. The exhibition space at the Stanley and Audrey Burton gallery may only display a small selection of images but they captivate and capture the attention of the viewer. Man creates digital … Read More

Art | Scenery at & Model Gallery – minimalism gone too far

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photo: John Skoog 2/5 Stars & Model is quite the trendy contemporary art gallery, you can deduce it from their opening times alone (Wednesday-Saturday, 2-5pm, or by appointment). Spread over three floors this month is the work of eight artists from Scandinavia curated around the concept of scenery. This term … Read More

Art | Anthony Browne – Through the Magic Mirror

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4/5 Stars Most of us will have read a book by Children’s Laureate Anthony Browne. Whether it was the recognisable gorilla characters across his books, Willy the Champ, Into the Tunnel or My Dad (to name but a few), his illustrations are well-known and widely spread. The name may not … Read More