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Nothing’s Sweet About The BAE And Uber Job Losses. But Is There A Silver Lining?

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This month we have been forewarned of two major waves of redundancies being carried out in the coming months. Two major employers, BAE Systems and Uber (which doesn't deserve the umlaut), succumbed to external factors before the imminent redundancies were revealed; competition and regulation, respectively. However, these abstract triggers will ... Read More

Bodysuits: Bae or nay?

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Bodysuits are like marmite, either you love them, or you hate them. Whatever way, you’re almost bound to have tried them, or at the very least, wanted to. But are they really worth the hassle? Is that seamless silhouette justification for a night of awkward toilet situations? Fashion Editors Ellie … Read More

Student activists crash careers fair

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Student activists held a ‘bloody’ protest against Shell and British Aerospace Electronics (BAE) Systems at the careers fair last week. In a video posted to YouTube, the students are seen throwing buckets of tomato puree and red paint over the companies’ stalls in Parkinson court whilst shouting ‘blood on your … Read More

Comment | In defence of arms dealers

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In recent months there have been moves by the Union and the student body to ban BAE systems and other defence companies from campus. These have stretched from a referendum to public protests at careers fairs, but is it right to ban such a prominent and valuable graduate employer from campus? There … Read More

News | Protestors back ban on BAE

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Protestors stormed the University’s careers fair on Monday after discovering BAE Systems stall. The group organised a sit in, handing out information about the company’s arms dealing. BAE’s presence at the fair directly contradicts a motion passed by students in March which pushed for BAE not be allowed on campus … Read More

BAE banned by twenty vote majority

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A motion to ban controversial manufacturer BAE Systems from campus has been passed, following a narrow referendum vote announced on Friday. The motion demands that the company is forbidden from attending careers fairs on campus, and from providing any future funding to University research projects. The motion – passed with … Read More

A Job in Killing

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BAE Systems, the second largest arms producer in the world, is rarely far from the public eye. Despite being found guilty for numerous counts of corruption and fraud and a track record for selling arms to countries known for human rights violations, the University of Leeds continues to endorse the … Read More

“I’m Only Paid to Build Things” – is there more to the role of an Engineer?

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How much can be asked of engineers when it comes to the use of our work? Does our job consist of nothing more than the development of technologies that satisfy the request of our employers, or do we also have some responsibility towards their intended use? In other words, should … Read More

Students condemn BAE on campus

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The University is facing increased pressure this week over its relationship with BAE Systems. An online petition and a Better University idea are both demanding all ties with the controversial weapons manufacturer are cut. Following a Leeds Student investigation into the involvement of arms dealers with the University, a petition … Read More

Uni receives money from arms dealers

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23.11.12 Leeds University has received nearly £1m from companies involved in the arms trade. On the back of a Freedom of Information (FOI) request the University was asked to provide information about the amount of money they received from military institutions. The response indicated that the University had received £876,418 … Read More