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Spend a penny, save a pound! – A guide to food shopping for freshers.

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Whilst Freshers’ week can cost you a pretty penny purchasing tickets for the best events in town, it’s also a good time to start saving and becoming a little savvy when spending your student loan…Here at the Gryphon, we’ve got some tips on how you can make the most of … Read More

Top 5 Places to Eat on Campus

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Bakery 164 – Heaven wrapped in ciabatta bread that offers a taste of sunshine for every tastebud alike with an incredible array of delicious sandwiches. Terrace – Conveniently placed in the centre of campus in our very own union. Offering a roof terrace to enjoy your meal. A tasty sit … Read More

The Art of Budgeting: Lunch

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Photo from (Lexis Nexis Being a student is all about mastering the delicate art of scrimping and saving and doing just about anything to avoid reaching that dreaded overdraft limit. This is certainly not always easy! If you’ve just left home, it is likely that budgeting for things like food … Read More

The five days of Christmas (sandwiches)

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Monday I go inside Tesco to the perennially busy Meal Deal aisle. Today, six students have huddled round a spilled Fanta and are pointing accusatory fingers at one another. I skirt round and peruse the coolers for the Christmas offering. There is only one; turkey and trimmings, £2.20. I look … Read More

Food | Stuff Sandwiches – An alternative packed lunches guide

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A daily routine of slightly stodgy pasta salads from Essentials or cheese sandwiches from home can be pretty uninspiring, but few of us have the funds to venture to Bakery 164 or the Hidden Café too regularly. Below are a few ideas for lunches which don’t take too long, but … Read More