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Leeds University Union Women’s Hockey Club Punished For ‘Chav Party’

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Leeds University Union Women’s Hockey Club (LUUWHC) has been banned from taking part in certain competitions following an “ill-judged” chav-themed night in January. LUUWHC faced national criticism following the social, where members were invited to dress “lower class” and set aside their “champagne flutes” for “cans of K cider”. Pictures … Read More

Success For Health Campaigners As Leading Retailers Cut Energy Drink Sales to Under Sixteens

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Following calls from a number of health experts, dieticians and scientists to ban the sale of energy drinks to minors, it seems as if such requests are not going unheard. Many of Britain’s favourite retailers – namely Asda, Aldi and Waitrose, are now placing an age-restriction policy on the purchasing … Read More

India Daniel investigates the current controversy surrounding Uber in London

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Last week, in news that shocked many, Transport for London (“TFL”) decided that they would not be renewing Uber’s licence to operate in the city. TFL acknowledged concerns raised by passengers about background checks carried out on drivers by Uber and about the processes to deal with criminal offences, and … Read More

Uber Special: an insight to the most eye-catching headline of the week

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So what has grabbed British attention the most this week? Is it ISIS? Refugees? Donald Trump’s influence in UK politics. No. The potential loss of Uber on London’s streets, is in fact what has sent shockwaves throughout the nation. Approaching 800,000 signatures, the Save Your Uber In London petition has … Read More

Campus Watch: Ridiculed tabloid ban overturned in near unanimous student vote

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City University’s controversial tabloid newspaper ban looks set to be overturned less than three months after it was implemented. As reported by The Gryphon, the University voted to ban selling The Sun, Daily Mail and Express in campus outlets, accusing them of “stirring up racial hatred” and “attacking the weakest … Read More

University working towards a ‘smoke-free’ campus

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The issue is discussed among students following a proposal to introduce designated outdoor smoking areas At the most recent Better University Forum a motion was proposed to implement specific outdoor smoking areas on campus. Nine voted in favour and six voted against, but any further decision has been postponed until … Read More

Campus Watch: Union bans right-wing tabloids citing “fascist” tendencies

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Last week, students at City University of London voted to ban selling The Sun, Daily Mail and Express in a motion titled “opposing fascism and social divisiveness in the UK”. The motion reflects a surge in censorship at British universities, and gives some credence to the claim that “the fascists … Read More

News | Calls for KPMG to be kicked off campus

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The multinational corporation KPMG has come under fire this week as trade unions call for a ban from campus. The complaints have been sparked by KPMG being appointed to review university services, reconstructing and outsourcing some areas in order to save money. The unions have complained that due to a … Read More

News | Students axe The Sun

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The Sun newspaper has been banned from sale at the Union, following a student vote. Politics student, Niall MacLaughlin submitted the idea for the Union to support the No More Page 3 campaign by refusing to sell The Sun. MacLaughlin told LS: “it is my belief, shared by many other … Read More

News | Crackdown on Hyde Park headshop

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Leeds City Council may force shops selling legal highs to black out their windows and ban under 18s from buying their products. The move comes after councillors were briefed by police on the growing popularity of new psychoactive substances designed to have similar effects as illegal drugs such as cocaine … Read More