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Hinterland: The Welsh answer to Scandi-Noir

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Reminiscent of Scandi-Noir productions such as The Bridge and The Killing, Hinterland (or Y Gwyll, in Welsh) combines haunting scenery with suspicious disappearances, cold-blooded murders and family feuds which are guaranteed to see you coming back for more. The stunning though desolate landscape of Ceredigion, west Wales, provides the atmospheric … Read More

TV | 37 Days – A wonderfully witty docu-drama

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With Downton Abbey going from strength to strength, this drama about the period between Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s assassination and the declaration of war is quite like a costume drama mixed with politics. War buffs will enjoy this three-part BBC drama about one of the greatest political crises to ever hit Europe: it … Read More

TV | The Musketeers – Swords, guns, men clad in leather and more cleavage than your average BBC drama

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Swords, guns, men clad in leather and more cleavage in half an hour than your average BBC drama. The Musketeers had all the potential to be exciting and sexy. However, with stilted scripts, unconvincing performances and about as much sexual tension as Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow, the drama failed to … Read More

TV | The Great Train Robbery – All the wit and excitement of a Hollywood crime caper

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In one of those eerie coincidences that could lead the more cynical among us to question the extremes the BBC are willing to go to for a bit of publicity; Ronnie Biggs the most famous surviving member of The Great Train Robbery passed away hours before, A Robber’s Tale, the … Read More

TV | Sherlock – A reflection on the season three teaser trailer

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New Year’s Day has just overtaken December 25th in my list of favourite dates, for one reason, and one reason only: Sherlock is back. Yes, last week, the BBC released the first, tantalising glimpse of Season Three of the hit drama, sparking off a frenzy of internet speculation. Having been … Read More

TV | Legacy – Enough twists and turns to keep us engaged

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During the turbulent era of 1970s London, when trade union strikes and power cuts crippled the country, Cold War paranoia was at a high, with many believing Communist Russia to be organising the defiant activism of workers. MI6 agent Charles Thoroughgood, played by Charlie Cox, is given a mission that … Read More