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Doctor Who Tackles Racism Head-On in Rosa Parks Episode

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The latest series of Doctor Who has gotten everybody talking. First, a new showrunner in the form of Chris Chibnall. Then, a female Doctor played by Jodie Whittaker. And now, an episode that features racism as the main focus of the episode. Within five minutes of landing in 1955, Ryan … Read More

TV Review: The Cry

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What interested me most about watching BBC’s The Cry far more than the show itself was the fact that so many people had told me they couldn’t bear to watch something involving something horrible happening to a child. It threw into sharp relief how comfortable we are with thrilling television … Read More

Review. Stacey Dooley Investigates: Fashion’s Dirty Secrets.

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In the wake of last week’s global scientific conference giving us 12 years before climate change becomes irreversible, a documentary on the effects of the global fashion industry could not seem more poignant. Stacey Dooley Investigates: Fashion’s Dirty Secrets is a harrowing insight into the realities behind something that all … Read More

Doctor Who: the Regeneration We Deserve?

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The highly anticipated, recently adapted Doctor Who episode, finally starring a woman as the timelord, hit our screens. My first initial thought after watching the new episode for the first time was – yes, this is how Doctor Who should be. In recent years, the show has faced a few … Read More

Review: Bodyguard (Spoiler free)

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With more viewings than Downton Abbey or Sherlock, BBC’s latest drama ‘The Bodyguard’ is the show of the moment. And for good reason. In a fabulously fast paced mini-series, lovable but unpredictable Richard Madden (David Budd) leads viewers through tangible threats of terror on home soil, wrestling with war wounds … Read More

Question Time Looking For Under 30s In Leeds

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The popular BBC debate show, Question Time, is returning to Leeds for the first time since 2015. Due to be filmed on Thursday, March 22, at the Headingley Campus of Leeds Beckett University, the episode will be the first since a General Election special featuring David Cameron, Ed Miliband and … Read More

Can You Beat a BBC Drama?

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Is Netflix’s increasing focus on original drama set to threaten BBC supremacy? BBC dramas have long been the jewel in the crown of British television and the BBC iPlayer’s recent gift of ‘Box Sets’ has meant that the programmes are more accessible and exciting than ever. The British Broadcasting Corporation … Read More

The New Wave of Neo-Colonialism

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The current Oxfam scandal, and the varying array of comments and criticism surrounding it demonstrates in black and white that colonial mentalities still exist towards the developing world. With this in mind, appropriate conduct in crisis zones needs some careful scrutiny. Quite clearly, something is wrong, and the rigour surrounding … Read More

EasyJet Boss Takes Pay Cut – but will this Fix the Gender Pay Gap?

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It was recently announced that the chief executive of easyJet has taken a pay cut in order to make his salary match that of his predecessor. Johan Lundgren took over as the chief executive last December on a basic salary of £740,000; his predecessor, Carolyn McCall, was on a salary … Read More

Carrie Gracie: A Hero Vilified

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"My case is just an example of a bigger problem" - former BBC China editor Carrie Gracie gives evidence to MPs about equal pay https://t.co/kExvCXAsjQ pic.twitter.com/Jd2eGLWQZj— BBC News (UK) (@BBCNews) January 31, 2018 She is a greedy, avaricious, money-grabbing opportunist ready to rinse the tax-payer of every penny she can ... Read More