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Students give lecturers the Third Degree

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Three Leeds students went head to head against their lecturers on a Radio 4 quiz show this week. ‘The 3rd Degree’, hosted by comedian Steve Punt, saw three students studying Civil Engineering, Popular Music and Psychology take on a team of lecturers from the students’ faculties. Students Ralph Burton, Harry … Read More

What’s On TV: Blandings

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  In a country obsessed with Downtown Abbey, a Wodehouse revival is hardly a shock. After all, the indefatigable perfection of Fry and Laurie as much-loved Jeeves and Wooster is still a tantalizing aftertaste on our ever-critical palate. So, it was with baited-breath that we tuned into director Paul Seed’s … Read More

What’s On TV: Ripper Street

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  The BBC’s new drama Ripper Street transports us to London’s East End in the late nineteenth century, six months after Jack the Ripper has struck fear into the city. But as the series reaches its halfway point, it is clear that the Ripper’s role is a minor one. Ripper … Read More

Tweeters Beware

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It‘s widely accepted that a journalist must accept moral responsibility for what they write. Granted, the repercussions of publishing a slating review of a, for example, new brand of mascara are not as great as, say, an interview with a fascist politician, but they are repercussions nonetheless. The beauty journalist … Read More

LSTV’s marathon fundraiser for Children in Need

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23.11.12 Leeds Student TV has raised nearly £2,000 last week for Children In Need. Last Friday, LSTV carried out a seven hour broadcast in the Union foyer, including live acts every hour and an array of charity fundraising stalls to mark the annual fundraiser. The student-run TV station, which won … Read More

Review: Dara O'Briain's "The Science Club"

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Last Tuesday night the first episode of Dara O’Briain’s Science club aired on BBC2, a new six-part series which aims to make science accessible and more importantly interesting to all. When producing a programme of this nature it’s hard to appeal to everyone; do you over-simplify the content in order … Read More

University considers cutting ties with Savile

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9.11.12 The University is discussing removing the honorary doctorate it awarded to disgraced television star Jimmy Savile. The development comes after a month of speculation over whether Sir Jimmy  abused children during his career at the BBC. Leeds-born Savile, who died last October aged 84, was awarded an honorary doctorate … Read More

What's On: A Thick Imitation Of Political Life

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‘What the fuck is this? Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, C**t?’ Alistair Campbell can have a good night’s sleep at last. The Thick of It, Armando Iannucci’s British Governmental satire has reached its sarcastic, side-splitting end. Campbell’s alter-ego, Malcolm Tucker, the bullying, almost psychotic force of power equipped with expletives coarse enough … Read More

The Growing Cost of Football

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After the BBC’s recent ‘Price of Football’ survey, LS Sport‘s Euan Cunningham shares his thoughts… About a year ago I was travelling back from a match. The team I have a season ticket with had played appallingly and deservedly lost 2-0. Coming back on an overcrowded bus after a walk … Read More

The Interview: Gennaro Contaldo

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  “If I had to vote for a saint Jamie would be it. He’s good for the country.” At the BBC Studios on Great Portland Street, Gennaro Contaldo talks to Lucy Holden about his childhood on the Amalfi Coast, Alec Guinness’ passion for tuna steak, and why Jamie Oliver should … Read More