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Holiday edit – beach

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We all know the stress of finding the perfect beach holiday items that don’t break the bank. Hours can be spent trawling the internet and I often find myself wondering if I’ll ever find everything I’m looking for. Luckily for you, we have gathered our top 10 beach holiday essentials … Read More

Features | Sea-ing the light: Why the English Seaside is the Best Place on Earth

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For a long time, I’ve trusted in the mantra that if you take a plane somewhere, than that holiday is going to be better than the place you were originally. This is particularly true of England, what with it having unpredictable and uninspiring weather, and not much of a ‘holiday … Read More

Books | Top 5 Exotic Reads

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If you’re one of those faced with a summer of erratic British weather, an endless stream of friends’ holiday snaps on your Facebook newsfeed and only a very slight chance of getting a tan, why not delve in to some of the best exotically located novels? Be transported to a … Read More