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Stressmas: The Price Britons Pay for a ‘Perfect’ Festive Season

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Your local town centre has put up the Christmas lights, Costa and Starbucks have changed their disposable cups to winter versions and you’ve probably already scoffed a few mince pies. For some, Christmas is the time of eating, drinking and being merry. However, for many, the holidays can also be … Read More

Sheffield University Halts Business Scheme… Because It’s Too Successful

2 months ago / 0 comments

The University of Sheffield have called halt to a business scheme they started for students, as it proved too successful! The scheme encouraged students to take their own initiative and have a year out to start their own business. The problem is, the ‘trial-run’ students were so successful in starting … Read More

The Modern Day Love Triangle: You, Your Partner, and Your Smartphone?

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Gone are the ‘Twilight’ days where you couldn’t decide between a vampire and a werewolf. Now, the dilemma lies between a human being and a slab of metal. Studies have shown that us Brits are more loyal to our phones than our partners, changing partners yearly over a five-year span, … Read More