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Best beauty products from 2018

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Even though it’s only march, 2018 has already provided some bestseller beauty products for you to look out for. Eyes Boots’ bestseller eyeshadow at the moment is the NYX Professional Makeup Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette – Warm Neutrals. Warm neutral coloured eyeshadow is an everyday classic for a wide range of … Read More

The ugly face of the beauty industry: an inclusivity scandal

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Charlotte Loughlin discusses Tarte Cosmetics’ newest foundation and its “embarassing” shade range which fails to be inclusive to POC. In January, Tarte Cosmetics came under fire from the beauty community after the release of its much-anticipated Shape Tape Foundation in both matte and hydrating formulas. The Foundation, inspired by Tarte’s … Read More

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: 10 classic beauty products your Grandma would have used and you should too

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We as consumers are always used to trying out the newest beauty products being released to see what all the hype is about, but sometimes the most classic products from the oldest brands are often the best. Here are some of the oldest brands that still sell the products they … Read More

Glitter Strands: Leeds’ very own hair trend

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If you fancy channelling those sparkly unicorn vibes, why not give glitter strands a go? The new trend is based right here in Leeds. Renegade Hair Studio in Leeds is home to Glitter Strands, a new hair trend designed exclusively by colour stylist Charlotte Hopkinson. This new trend is perfect … Read More

Best De-Stressing Beauty Products

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With deadlines, essays and exams slowly taking over our lives, don’t forget to look after yourself when you need it most. We’ve all fallen asleep on our keyboards with a face full of make-up, and stressed about our stress spots, so we’ve rounded up five powerful products that will help … Read More

What the fall of cosmetic surgery really means

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Although the decline in cosmetic surgery can only be considered a good thing, Lydia Varney discusses how our unhealthy obsession with make up is filling the void… Statistics have shown that the number of surgical procedures undertaken in 2016 dropped by 40% from 2015. Promising news if you’re all for … Read More

Budget Beauty Tutorial With Harley Wild

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La Perla took a key focus on burgundy shades in their New York fashion show, using a range of shades which would be perfect for autumn. The looks are also so easy to recreate on a budget, and whilst La Perla kept colour either on the eyes or lips, I’m … Read More


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Even though LGBT month is now behind us, any day is a good day to celebrate LGBT accomplishments and take time to appreciate LGBT beauty gurus who inspire thousands of people around the world each day. Whether you’re lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or drag there is a role model for … Read More

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: 2017 Beauty Releases

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NYX Total Control Foundation Not only will this foundation allow you to have total control over your coverage due to its dropper applicator, it will also be available in 24 different shades. Therefore, people of different preferences and colour will be able to customise their perfect base at an affordable … Read More

Give beauty bloggers a break!

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It’s time to take beauty bloggers seriously! Emily discusses the stigma surrounding those who make a living from talking about make-up. It’s not as easy as it looks… As a beauty blogger, there’s a certain stereotype attached to the work that accompanies the name. Writing about make-up somehow makes the … Read More