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News | More beer for your buck

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A third year Physics student has developed a beer calculator app. Josh Palmer’s new invention compares and stores prices of beer and ale. The app lets users know how to get “more party for your paycheck” by calculating the price per unit as well as the price per pint. Palmer … Read More

Blogs | New Friends on New Station Street

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Like Roald Dahl’s pig in ‘The Pig’, we’ve all tried to puzzle out what life was really all about. At Friends of Ham on New Station Street where I spent my monday night, I think they’ve figured it out. I’d heard through the grapevine the odd whisper about paper thin … Read More

Science | WARNING – This drink may include…

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Everything comes with a label, whether it’s a tin of beans or a new sofa; the composition, contents and origin of the product should always be on there.  However, alcohol companies hold a special place above the rest, free from the legal obligation, in divulging the contents of their products. But, what … Read More