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Postcards from Abroad: Berlin, Germany

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Lauren is a third year English Language and Literature student currently spending her Erasmus year in the endlessly fun and cosmopolitan Berlin, Germany. Despite having very little prior knowledge of the German language, only German history, she is thoroughly enjoying learning it in no other place than the capital city … Read More

Weekly Chart – Online Editor’s Picks

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Following a Halloween weekend in Berlin, it is no surprise that every sound that I now hear is associated with techno – sticking my head out the window of a moving car was the inexorable percussion or the simple chink of a teaspoon against the side of a mug could … Read More

Berlin in a nutshell

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You’re in Berlin for the weekend, thanks to cheap flights and the promise of even cheaper beer. Having lived in Berlin for six months, I know what’s worth squeezing into a short stay here. It breaks my heart that you could spend hours traipsing around Checkpoint Charlie – it’s fake, … Read More

Clubs | LSi does Berlin

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Berlin is a city like no other. A creative hub; it is a city that promotes art, music and creativity more than any place I’ve visited. Famed for its club scene, DJs and electronic music production, Berlin never ceases to amaze and enliven partygoers young and old alike. However lucky we … Read More

Clubs | Interview – DJ Detweiler (Flute Drop exclusive)

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Photo: Thump If you’re a newcomer to the sounds of flutedrop – the link below will bring you up to speed. DJ Detweiler (real name unknown) is a curious character. Born in Murcia. Based in Berlin. These are the only solid truths the internet will let slip on the genre-creating … Read More

Art | Ian Kiaer: Tooth House – challenging canonised standards of how we view Art

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This spring the Henry Moore institute presents Ian Kiaer’s Tooth House, an insight into the surreal world of Kiaer as he subtly challenges the art institutions canonised standards of how we view Art. Having previously exhibited at the international Venice and Berlin Biennale Kiaer has established himself as a notable … Read More

Blogs | March Madness

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I’m writing this at my desk, staring at storm clouds and rain dripping down the window pane, with my portable heater on maximum. This serves me right for being smug about Berlin’s lack of winter and the glorious sunshine we’ve had the past few weeks. I also suspect it’s because … Read More

Film | Berlinale – The Berlin Film Festival

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Image: Berlinale The Berlin Film Festival, or Berlinale, is just one of the many highlights in a city that is full to the brim with culture. In February every year, for two weeks the capital is transformed into a film lover’s paradise, offering workshops, lectures, ritzy star-studded premieres and of … Read More

Art | PAN Berlin

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Image: PAN Leeds College of Art is currently hosting an exhibition from PAN, the Berlin based record label who have become critically acclaimed as a platform for experimental sound and art. With the exhibition showcasing a range of artwork produced by the labels musicians and artists, and the way PAN … Read More

Blogs | Where the Wild Things Aren't

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Some say April is the cruellest month. They’re wrong; it’s actually February. Aside from the fact I always forget it’s two to three days shorter than every other month and thus my rent/essays are due sooner than I realised, it comes with the added bonus of Valentine’s Day (for a … Read More