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Body and Soul: The Black Women Who Pioneered Jazz, Blues and Soul

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Their songs are iconic; their voices unforgettable; their influence on music history irrepressible. They are the Black women who pioneered soul, jazz and blues, remaining timeless and a constant source of inspiration, vision and respect. Here are five important women who brought Black music into the spotlight. Gladys Bentley Gladys … Read More

The Legendary Women of Music

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Women and music go hand in hand, with women having contributed so much to music over the years and shaping the industry into what it is today. In honour of International Women’s Day, we have compiled a list of the greatest female legends of the music industry.   Stevie Nicks … Read More

11 Songs That Show Us Exactly Why We Need Black History Month

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Black History Month is a contentious month on the calendar, with certain groups suggesting that black history should be studied all-year-round, and other, less-informed groups, suggesting that it shouldn’t be studied at all. But, one of the most colourful aspects of black history is the music that has underpinned it … Read More

Photography | Bob Willoughby's Jazz: Body and Soul

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Bob Willoughby is perhaps best known for his work as a Hollywood studio photographer, shooting iconic portraits of superstars Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor among many others. But before all this, when he was in his twenties, Willoughby was an avid jazz photographer. Listening to the local radio for live … Read More