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Does The LGBT+ Community Have A Problem With Hierarchy?

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The LGBT+ community is frequently called the ‘gay community’ by much of wider society. This seems exclusive and would be all too easy to write off as a privileged majority playing catch up if the queer community wasn’t also part of the problem. Whilst mentions of gay pride and the … Read More

India isn’t “catching up”, it was colonialism that brought anti-LGBT+ attitudes to the country.

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The legacy of colonialism is ever-enduring. Since the 1600s, European powers Spain, Portugal, Germany, and Britain alike have been colonizing all over the world. Age-old Conservatives, including dear-old Boris, speak of traditional “British” values and the benefits of British sovereignty. The British Empire no longer exists but traditionalists are still … Read More

Coming out of Conservatism – Australian Marriage Equality

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“Should the law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry?” – A piece of paper put in my letterbox which determined the course of LGBT+ history in Australia On the 14th of November at 11pm, I was refreshing both a live-updates page on The Guardian, and the Australian Bureau … Read More

Observations on being bisexual

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In this day and age only a steadily diminishing minority would even think to suggest that being gay or lesbian is a choice. For bisexuals the notion of choice sadly persists in the public consciousness. When a young person comes out as bisexual, they can expect to have their sexual … Read More

Bisexuals in Love

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The Gryphon talks to students, Emma and Joe, about bisexual acceptance at university, gender roles, and gender-blindness. When I came out as a bisexual woman at the age of thirteen, I did not realise how much it would shape me. Even though the LGBTQ* community is generally more accepted in … Read More