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Blue Planet II Season Finale

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Over the last few weeks Blue Planet 2 has been providing an amazing insight into the wildlife that inhabits our oceans, however as with most great things, they must come to an end. The season finale, titled “Our Blue Planet”, brings to light the devastating impact and future threat that … Read More

Blue Planet II – Week 6: Coasts

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The focus of last week’s episode was the coastlines of oceans, coasts are the most dynamic habitats in the world. At the boundary between both land and sea, individuals must be adapted enough to be able to survive in the areas that are covered by water during the high tide … Read More

Blue Planet II – Week 5: Green Seas

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This episode introduces us to the source of 95% of the energy in our oceans through the process of photosynthesis, here sunlight provides energy to plants which then acts as a food source for the rest of the food web. These areas high in concentrations of plant life are abundant … Read More

Blue Planet II – Week 3

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Once again, I began my Sunday night routine with my flatmates by watching Blue Planet 2, followed by another Louis Theroux documentary. Episode 2 last week brought in a staggering 14.1 million viewers, making it the UK’s most-watched TV show of 2017 and 3rd most-watched in the last 5 years … Read More

Blue Planet II – Secrets of the Deep

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As with the other 10.8 million viewers last Sunday night, I made sure to book my evening off from all form of work as it was time to watch the second instalment of Blue Planet II. The last episode, titled “Secrets of the Deep”, provides us which an insight into … Read More

Blue Planet II – Week One

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Sunday night always provides pretty strong television for you and your housemates alike to sit down and unwind after a long week of assignments and drinking, this week however, was something special. Blue Planet II finally made a return back onto out TV screens, 16 years after the programme’s first … Read More

Blue Planet II Preview

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If you haven’t watched the trailer for the new release of Blue Planet II, you must be living under a rock. The seven-part documentary series comes 16 years after its predecessor and is set to be released on the 29th October 2017. The man, the myth, and the legend Sir David … Read More

The Return of Blue Planet

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Are the never ending essays crushing your spirit? Is the impending doom of Brexit, Trump and society as we know it getting you down? Do you need an escape? Well, fear not, as the BBC announces perhaps the first piece of good news this year. If you cast your brains … Read More