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The Gryphon asks: Is the Bluetooth check in system fair to students?

2 years ago / 0 comments

Yes – Sophie Wheeler Just over two weeks ago the new Bluetooth system went live, causing a massive shake up on campus. Leeds is following the general trend towards taking attendance more seriously, with policies such as mandatory attendance to pass classes being introduced in other areas of the U.K. … Read More

Uni of Leeds is Watching You

2 years ago / 0 comments

A new academic year equals changes around university. With our beloved Eddie B being renovated and the Hidden Café mysteriously having disappeared to a very hidden place, this year is no exception. But it is not just campus that is changing: technology is adapting, with the new Bluetooth attendance system, … Read More

UniLeeds app causes confusion as registers move online

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The University of Leeds has recently introduced a new update for its smartphone app, UniLeeds, which enables students to use Bluetooth to confirm attendance. With the update, some schools and departments now require that students ‘check-in’ at certain lecture theatres using their phones, and are therefore no longer handing out … Read More