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How to Play The Game: The Gryphon’s Guide to Bongo’s Bingo

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Arrive Early! Yes, it feels strange starting pre-drinks at half 5, frantically guzzling down rum and coke while simultaneously making your dinner, but arriving early to Bongo’s Bingo is essential. Tables fill quickly, and if you want to be showered in Coco Pops and have a front-row view of all … Read More

Losing my Bongo’s Bingo Virginity

1 year ago / 0 comments

Bongo’s Bingo was something that I heard about from week one of Leeds. Throughout my first year, friends went and insisted it was one of the best nights they’d ever had. When I asked ‘why?’ the only answer I’d get was ‘you had to be there’. At the time it … Read More

Bongo’s Bingo bring So Solid Crew to Leeds for Oktoberfest Special

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Bongo’s Bingo has developed a now-international reputation for being fun, ridiculous and unashamedly extra. And now, staying true to form, they’ve upped the stakes once again for the latest party, the Oktoberfest special at South Bank Depot. If you’re not familiar with Bongo’s Bingo, let me give you the lowdown. … Read More

Bongo’s Bingo

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When I used to think of bingo, what sprung to mind was something quite civilised that older generations might enjoy, an image which has been completely flipped upside down by Bongo’s Bingo. Now, whenever anyone mentions bingo I can’t help but think of double ended dildos, rowdy dancing on benches … Read More

Dance-offs, false calls and glowsticks at Bongo’s Bingo

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New club night-cum-bingo game Bongos Bingo has been taking the UK by storm in recent months. Jessica Murray headed to Canal Mills to try her hand at winning the coveted pink unicorn… If I could give you one word of advice for a night at Bongos Bingo – don’t make a … Read More

An Interview with the man behind Bongo’s Bingo

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2016 threw many unexpected things at us and one thing that no one saw coming was the resurgence of bingo. I, along with many others, thought the game was confined to the dingy bingo halls of Gala and Mecca frequented by grandmas. But Jonny Bongo had other ideas. Along with … Read More