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Society Spotlight: Book Club

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This week, The Gryphon interviews the President of LUU’s Book Club, Jenny Morgan. The LUU Book Club is a place for lovers of plot-twists, opening hooks and in-depth discussions. All book and reading enthusiasts are welcome to join for the bargain price of £3, no matter what genre or course … Read More

Us, by David Nicholls.

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Fans of David Nicholls’ previous books will know he well deserves the recognition of being one of Britain’s best writers, penning many international best sellers, including some that have been turned into blockbuster hits on the big screen. Upon hearing of Nicholls’ latest release, I had no doubt it would … Read More

Russell Brand’s Revolution: He’s not the Messiah

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Take the best of Che Guevara, Gandhi and Malcolm X and you have in no way described Russell Brand – the nation’s favourite former addict turned Christ-like revolutionary.  Only better, because he wears Raybans and knows about Bikram Yoga. He’s the man who wants to change our political system for … Read More

Books | And the Nobel Prize for Exclusion goes to…

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You only have to look at any English Literature syllabus to see a canon dominated by white authorship. While no one is denying Dickens’ acerbic wit or the ethereal charm of the Romantics, our literary canon is in desperate need of more inclusivity. Recently, Kenyan novelist and playwright, Ngugi wa … Read More

Books | ‘The Establishment’ enlightens readers to the injustices of modern society

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In his new book The Establishment: And how they get away with it, Owen Jones attempts to introduce a debate that is ‘long overdue – a debate not just about who rules us, but about the threat they pose to democracy itself’. Jones was also the author of the international … Read More

Books | Shark by Will Self: The finest of reading experiences

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Set mainly in the 70s, Shark centres around the residents of Concept House in London. Created by Zach Busner, the house acts as a live-action experiment against the use of psychiatric hospitals. The roles of ‘Doctors’ and ‘patients’ are abandoned and each member is requested to view all residents as … Read More

Books | Top 5 Exotic Reads

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If you’re one of those faced with a summer of erratic British weather, an endless stream of friends’ holiday snaps on your Facebook newsfeed and only a very slight chance of getting a tan, why not delve in to some of the best exotically located novels? Be transported to a … Read More

Interview | Dawn O'Porter – 'TV networks don't think women are as good as men.'

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You’d be mistaken for thinking that Dawn O’Porter is some kind of superhero. Journalist, reporter, performer, documentary maker and novelist are but a few of the titles she’s achieved in under a decade. Yet she sits in front of me now, very much a real person, trying to squeeze in … Read More

Books | How should a person be?

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“We live in an age of some really great blow-job artists. Every era has its art form. The nineteenth century, I know, was tops for the novel” In How Should a Person Be? memoir, fiction and abstract philosophical discussion meet to explore human nature and what it ultimately means to … Read More

Books | Cheat's guide to Dune

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LSi presents the abbreviated guide to Frank Herbert’s seminal sci-fi epic. Who? Paul Atreides – Teenage heir to the noble House Atreides. As opposed to yelling obscenities down his Xbox Live headset, his teenage life consists of taking on the role of Space T. E. Lawrence. Lady Jessica Atreides – Paul’s … Read More