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Black Panther: the film shaking the foundations of Colonialism

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Black Panther is a technicolour world, constructed by cinematographer Rachel Morrison, to the cast who are, to borrow from an popular black hair product line, ‘Dark [skinned] and Lovely’, the film’s politics are woven into its very fabric paralleling the Wakandan’s depositing of vibranium into their clothes. Over the course … Read More

2015: The year of the Box Office flop?

3 years ago / 0 comments

2015 has been a big year for the box office flop. Mega budget films have appeared in our cinemas and disappeared faster than you can say ‘Johnny Depp’s moustache in Mortdecai is creepy.’ The usual formula of award-winning director, Hollywood cast and great writers isn’t enough anymore – take Danny … Read More

Crimson Peak: Bleak Times At The Box Office

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Audiences of Crimson Peak are more than likely to see the film for one of two reasons. Either they know that the film features a scantily clad Tom Hiddleston at a least one point, and are firm fans of the English actor’s charm and good looks, or they’re dedicated followers … Read More