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Our appendix: A contributing factor in the development of Parkinson’s Disease?

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We all learnt it growing up: the appendix is a useless relic from our evolutionary past, only used to help digest the bark we consumed as cave men and women. But research has now identified this (often dismissed) organ’s role in monitoring pathogens in the immune system. What’s more, it … Read More

A Brain of Two Halves

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‘Split brain patients’ are individuals who have had the major connection between the two hemispheres of their brain severed, usually in an attempt to lessen the frequency of fitting in extreme cases of epilepsy. Since the 1940s, it has been accepted that the cutting of one’s corpus callosum (the connection … Read More

Forever Young: How We Could Keep Our Brains Stretchy into Adulthood

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Human brains are plastic (no, not the kind you get your Crispy’s takeout in!). Neuroplasticity refers to the brain’s astonishing ability to change and adapt over time. This could involve the reorganisation of tasks, the development of new neuronal connections, or a change in the division of labour among brain … Read More

Scientific Misconceptions

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The term “Fake news” has received attention recently because of the circulation of false and “alternative” facts. It has become such a concern that two weeks ago Google introduced a new policy which attempts to limit the amount of “bad publishers” who pop up when you search for news. In … Read More

Beats on the Brain: How music affects the way you move

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Whether getting glammed up for a night in town, or caked in mud in the depths of Beaverworks, for most students Freshers’ Week will involve music of some form or another. But why is it intrinsic to human nature to enjoy music, and why do most people struggle to resist … Read More

Cat s**t cray

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23.11.12 Cat owners beware – a Leeds University study has revealed that a parasite found in cat poo could directly alter the chemistry of the human brain. The research, led by Dr Glenn McConkey of the Faculty of Biological Sciences,  has provided key evidence that the parasite Toxoplasma gondii (or … Read More