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The Gryphon asks: Umunna’s Brexit amendment – the right decision?

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Yes – Samuel Robinson As the painful Brexit saga rumbles on, we have our latest morsel of tragi-comic entertainment: Chuka Umunna’s motion to amend the Queen’s Speech to guarantee membership of the single market and customs union after exit from the EU. It wasn’t long before Umunna was being shot … Read More

Now is the real test of whether Corbyn is PM material

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It would be something of an understatement to describe the last year as a bad one in British politics. The referendum last year opened the floodgates to a whole host of problems, first claiming the scalp of David Cameron, unleashing a wave of division and resentment in civil society, and … Read More

The election has to be about more than Brexit

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Theresa May shocked us all when she called a General Election on the steps of Downing Street for June 8th. What was more shocking however, was her ‘reasoning’ behind her decision. She explained that she had decided to do so on the basis that Westminster wasn’t united behind her EU … Read More

Why I think Brexit is terrifying

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In the future, I imagine, historians will spend long hours and thousands of pages debating the exact events leading up to and following the 23rd of June 2016, so let me set something down for the record. The only reason we’re in this mess is David Cameron’s incompetence and colossal … Read More

Disabled? I think not!

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With Brexit on the horizon and the financial debt of our country getting worse by the day, our current oppressive Tory government had the ingenious idea of introducing the PIP system (the Personal Independence Payment System) into society to help the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) decide how much … Read More

Leeds to remain “international institution” after Brexit

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Article 50 was triggered on the 29th March, launching the start of Brexit. This marks not only the beginning of two years of negotiations, but confusion for everyone it will affect, particularly EU students and staff currently residing in Britain. The University of Leeds Vice-Chancellor, Sir Alan Langlands, has said that … Read More

Democracy, but not as we know it

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It is hardly surprising that the decision by the House of Lords to pass an amendment led to howls of protest from some. The by now familiar lines about ‘the will of the people’ seemed to have an extra edge when the amendment in question was proposed by the unelected … Read More

The end of Erasmus?

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The Government has refused to comment on the possibility of future students not being able to take part in the European Union student exchange programme following Brexit.  Following a repeated refusal to comment on the future of students being able to take part in the Erasmus+ study programme, there are … Read More

Campus Watch: Sussex University hosts staff workshops on ‘dealing with right-wing attitudes in the classroom’

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Officials at the university state that the event was aimed at helping staff act appropriately when faced with extreme views, such as racism or homophobia. The workshop was held for academic staff by one of the leading professors at the university and was well advertised around campus via posters, welcoming … Read More

Campus Watch: Racial attacks against Strathclyde University’s Student President

8 months ago / 0 comments

Raj Jeyaraj, the Student President of Strathclyde University in Scotland, has been subject to verbal abuse and threats of violence from anonymous members of the public via email. Raj is Malaysian-born and is the first international student president at Strathclyde University. Since his election in June he has faced a … Read More