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Need some tunes to help you focus? Our Editor-in-Chief has got you sorted

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The month of January means two things to students. Intense study, and its closely related counterpart, extreme procrastination. This playlist will aim to stop you trawling the web for music to listen to, and consists of tracks specifically picked to stimulate concentration. Eevee- Unexpected This lo-fi beattape is so calming … Read More

Art is … Bed Knobs and Boob Jobs: Brian Eno delivers the BBC Music John Peel Lecture

3 years ago / 0 comments

The late John Peel spent the majority of his life tirelessly seeking out new musical talent and presenting it to the eager ears of the British public. The celebrated radio DJ is widely remembered for his great musical mind, and awe­-inspiring record archive. Last Sunday, BBC Music paid tribute to … Read More